Join the YWCC Mentoring Program!

In Fall 2017 semester, some of our WiCS members launched a new mentoring program dedicated to enriching the college experience of students of the Ying Wu College of Computing (YWCC). The board of the student-run program is fully comprised of WiCS members, including Emmalyn Ramos, Megan Rottkamp, Tejasree Seelam, and Chandani Patel. By taking the initiative to create the program, they are looking to provide peer guidance to all computing students and also create a stronger community within the college.

The main goal is to become the central hub or "glue" of the YWCC community that will act as a bridge to connect students to faculty, unite all majors under YWCC, and bring all computing organizations together. Public Relations Chair Chandani Patel feels that “being a part of this mentoring program is not only an opportunity to grow as a person but also make lifelong connections and networks with professionals in your industry.” The program is intended to create an organization in which all demographics can collaborate freely and give everyone equal opportunity to succeed at NJIT as well as after graduation. Mentor Coordinator Megan Rottkamp says, “I’m excited to be creating an environment in which students can learn from other students and build a strong community that will allow everyone to have any outlet they need, whether in peer support, academic assistance, or career development.” All WiCS members are encouraged to participate in strengthening the community and sparking gender diversity in YWCC. Being an active member of the program is “an opportunity to not only excel academically and professionally, but a chance to create new memories, foster relationships, and most importantly finding your uniqueness,” says Program Coordinator Emmalyn Ramos.

Aside from the one-on-one peer mentoring that will take place, the program also includes workshops, panels, and discussions that will be open to all students. WiCS will be co-hosting some of these events to create a more dynamic experience for all attendees. Some events of the program will focus on different stages of career development, resources to take advantage of in YWCC, and academic success. A great way for students to learn is from their peers, and this mentoring program is designed to allow all YWCC students to learn from one another. Mentee Coordinator Tejasree Seelam says that "this program allows people to find peers and role models who have been through or are going through the difficult process that is college and building a career.

Their mission is to not only unite the college, but to help students gain the skills necessary to be leaders, innovators, and accomplish their goals by having a focus on professional development, academic success and mentoring relationships. It will create a safe space for students of all genders and majors to build a community, feel united and have a voice. As this is the first semester, the program will be running in full force. All of the board members are excited to see the YWCC community grow and students help one another succeed.

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